Minos Vision Balancer Dee


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NEW- The Minos Vision Balancer Dee Ring Snaffle. If you ever wanted the Team Up snaffle in a fixed ring, this is for you!

- A new range of ergonomically designed bits, a 90% copper mouthpiece to help promote salivation. 
- An angled lozenge centre to facilitate better contact through a more comfortable mouthpiece.

The Minos Vision Balancer French Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle
- Three sectionDee ring snaffle. 
- Soft and even pressure from a curved three section mouthpiece. The lozenge sits flat and even across the tongue, like a training snaffle.
- Promotes a light contact and enables easy directional aids.
- A great bit for young or green horses. giving stability and security to the bit to help develop a consistant contact.

Available in 5", 5.25" and 5.5"

Charmae's notes: a great budget friendly alternative to the Sprenger Dynamic Eggbutt - very similar design and benefits without the big Sprenger price tag.


One of Bit Bank Australia's 5* Rated Horse Bits!
To gain a 5* rating from Bit Bank Australia the particuarly horse bit must meet these 5 criterior:

1. Available in a wide range of sizes
2. Designed to suit a wide range of horses and rider's needs
3. Quality finish for a comfortable fit
4. Designed with the horse's welfare in mind
5. Approved by hundreds of BBA past clients!


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Excellent breakers bit
Written by Helen Godfrey on Feb 01, 2016

I wanted an economical bit for my warmblood breaker. This sits in her mouth well and she is very accepting of it. It appears to be well made and suits my purpose very well, at an affordable price.