Micklem Multi Bridle by Rambo


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Please note some Micklem models are out of stock til MARCH 2021 - Please phone us for stock availability or to pre-order. 

A comfortable, more humane bridle and winner of the 2008 BETA International Innovation Award.
- Relieves pressure at the poll and around the ears.
- No inward pressure at the cheeks, so does not press into the teeth.
- Reduces pressure on the tongue using the Tongue Protection System.
- No pain, numbness or damage to motory and sensory nerves or veins and muscles that can be casued by drop, crank or flash nosebands.

Three main pieces of equipment in one:
1. A bridle (including integral nose band)
2. A lunge cavesson
3. A bitless bridle

Features the unique tongue and bars of the mouth protection system,
which has proven effective for so many horses.

Made from eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.

Each pack contains:
1. Bridle
2. Bitless attachments x 2 styles
3. One set of replacement bit straps
4. Bit Clips
5. Information CD and/ or instruction booklet

(Micklem bridles are supplied without reins)

(Please Note: Clients outside of Australia ordering this item will have additional postage charges requested, according to your location due to the size of the parcel. Email Us for a quote prior to ordering if you prefer)

Measuring instructions for the Micklem Bridle:
Measure the distance from the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on one side of the head to the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone on the other side of the head, going round the front of the head.

29 - 31 cm (11.4 to 12.2 inches) = Standard Horse  (14.2hh large head to 16.3hh fine head, Cob to Full normal bridle sizes)
31 - 33 cm (12.2 inches to 13 inches) = Large Horse   (16.2hh large head and up, Full to X-Full normal bridle sizes)

Now also available in Cob and Pony sizes!  These bridles will be Pony Club Permitted from 2013. (please confirm with your local state body, as it may vary)


Product Reviews

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Micklem multi bridle
Written by Rhiannon Paech on Feb 03, 2020

I purchased this to be used mainly as a cavesson. After considering other types I felt they were bulky and stiff and did not look a comfortable fit. I saw the multi being used on another horse it looked soft and sat soft and snug following the shape of the horses face. Amazingly the standard size fits perfectly on both my 14hh cob and 16.1hh warmblood which is so handy to not have to buy two of them! Great quality leather... great product

Micklem Multi Bridle
Written by Karen on Dec 12, 2019

This bridle is the BEST. My horse actually wants to put his bridle on now and that tells me a lot about how good it is. It is also easy to put on and do up. I highly recommend this bridle.

Micklem bridle
Written by Britta on Nov 20, 2019

Really like the bridle, multiple functions is great, especially the ring for attaching the lunge gets used regularly. My horse wears it on the second hole even though he is only 15.2hh, paint x qh, not not a fine head but fits a normal full bridle. I was concerned when fitting it that it might be too small but thankfully it wasn't. Leather feels great, it is not stiff even when brand new.

Written by Sharon and Paul Groves on Nov 15, 2019

We really like the Micklem bridle, it gives a better fit and the bit does not move around so much. It is also nice to have the bridle and noseband in one piece

Written by Jacqui on Sep 20, 2019

Love this bridle have used it bitless and with a bit. All my horses love it and they all fit a full which is great

Micklem bridle
Written by Sabina on Jul 09, 2019

Very well made. A bit intimidating to put together but online resources are available. My horse and I are still getting used to it but there are no complaints. If I were to use the side pull as a bitless bridle, my current reins could not be used because the ring is too small. I don't know if the Micklem reins have clips. I could probably use spare rug clips onto regular reins to make it work with my current gear.

Awesome quality
Written by Ruby on Apr 03, 2019

Beautiful bridle, I was extremely happy with the quality and fit on my mare.

Micklem Multi Bridle
Written by sharon roberts on Aug 08, 2018

Awesome bridle very kind to the horse would highly recommend also fast delivery very impressed.

Micklem Bridle
Written by Lisa Reschke on Mar 19, 2018

Thanks Charmae, a nice quality product delivered very quickly. Fast response on my email queries too.

No more tongue over the bit
Written by Jane on Dec 06, 2017

I would highly recommend this bridle - especially if you are working with horses with sensitive mouths and tongues. This bridle, in combination with the Neue Schule Turtle Top bit has completely cured my Off-the-track-thoroughbred of putting his tongue over the bit. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Written by Julia on Sep 11, 2017

I highly recommend this bridle to every equestrian! Every horse i've used it on has worked beautifully - WB, Arab, TB, ASH, QTH, Anglo, in an array of diciplines - dressage, eventing, showjumping, trail riding, games ect. It has proven to be extremely effective and easy to use.

Written by pamela clark on Aug 21, 2017

great bridle my horse has stopped chopping at the bit and throwing his head seems more relaxed

Lovely bridle!
Written by Millie Devery on Jul 22, 2017

love this bridle, my horse seems to like it!

Written by Janette Elliott on Jul 10, 2017

excellent product very happy. i think my horse is moving forward better and less resistant in some transitions

3 in 1 - An excellent bridle with a great difference!
Written by Brigitte on Feb 09, 2016

The Micklem Multi Bridle appealed to me because of its unique design. It seemed to make sense to avoid pressure to the sensitive parts of the horses's face, which is the major goal of this alternative design. I have never been a big believer in the notion that the wrong tack is to blame for our riding and training problems, but this bridle design convinced me just enough to try it out. My mare is not the easiest of horses and anything, which would help her and me, is welcomed. The bridle works! I find that my horse works much happier, calmer and softer in the Micklem bridle, keeping her head much stiller, whilst being responsive to the aids. I notice the difference from the first ride. I used the additional clips to stabilise the position of the bit and I found that helpful as well. I have also used the bridle as a lunging cavesson, with an equally positive outcome. My young horse responds well to this way of working on the lunge. One more big 'tick'. I have not tried the Micklem as a bitless bridle yet, because my horses are fine with a conventional double broken snaffle bit, but I like to have the option to use the bridle without a bit. The bridle is truly a multi-functional device. The leather is of good quality and the stitching is well done. You will find excellent fitting instructions on the Internet or on the disc which is supplied with the bridle. Here you get all the information you need to understand the rational of the product and how to fit it correctly to your horse. Generally I am a big sceptic when tack promises great positive change but this is truly different. I am very pleased with the purchase of the product and can only recommend it.

horse went so much softer immediately
Written by undefined on Jul 12, 2013

A horse that has always been a bit resistant went so much better immediately in this bridle

With a young horse-
Written by Melanie on Jun 26, 2013

So, after I assembled the bridle Anita, and rode my mare who has only been ridden a handfull of times, and some with bits, some in a halter, I was extremely impressed with the bridle!! My mare didn't bounce off the halt, as she is sensitive to pressure, yet I could ride in a contact without her thinking I was asking her to slow or stop. Its prob one of the best bridle/bit training aids for breakers/green horses ever, and the transition from nose pressure to the bit can be transferred slowly by the clips and design of the bridle. Thankyou so much for stocking these, I have started to spread the word already and am going on your site to buy my next one now!

Written by Emma on Feb 01, 2013

When I first received the bridle in the mail my first impressions were, how on earth do I put this thing together!! In actual fact it was quite easy once I looked at it properly! I bought it to use on my young horse who is partially broken in, as I wanted a sturdy comfortable bridle and I thought the tongue protection system would be handy for her as she tends to put her tongue over the bit, and I don't want that developing into a habit. I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. It fits quite well, the tongue protection system seems to be effective at taking a fair bit of the pressure from the bit onto the noseband, and when I lunged my horse from it there was minimal slippage. It certainly saves having to use a lunge cavesson over the top of a bridle when working young horses, which would have to be more comfortable for the horse. To me it seems to an excellent choice when training young horses, especially for gradually transferring the aids through the reins from its nose to its mouth. My only gripe with it is that the leather is quite stiff when new, but I'm sure with repeated use and care it will soon soften up.

Quality Comfy Bridle
Written by Suzanne on Dec 19, 2012

Very well constructed bridle with super comfortable poll piece. Attactive and lovely thick leather. My horse accepted it easily. Sits very nicely on the head without pressure anywhere. To improve fit for my galloway part arab I may need to add a hole / half hole. I don't use a nose band so that has to hang loose as it is fixed and not sure yet if this is an issue. Love it that it can be used with a bit or without. Hi Suzanne, thankyou for your review! The Micklem is designed to work correctly with the use of the noseband. It does not need to be tight, but it should be fitted and buckled. Anita