Loose Ring Snaffle

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The Loose Ring Snaffle is the most common type of snaffle available, though there are many variations. Those listed below that are permitted for competition under EA/FEI regulations are marked as such in their listing details.

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Sprenger KK Ultra 40604 ...88

The Original patented KK-Ultra design from Sprenger- a classic dressage favourite.-The angle of the shortened center link is rotaed by 45degrees to the front, utilising the the tongue's sense of touch, enabling clear aids to be given from the reins.-...
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Sprenger Duo Snaffle

Sprenger Duo Loose Ring 40801

Great bit for youngsters- a nice, soft kind bit.- Reinforced with a steel cable for safety and stability.- Guaranteed against breakage for 3 years.- Slight bend and give to the mouthpiece which can be used with the curve on the tongue to give more room,...
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Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle

Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle 40609...88

The WH ultra snaffle is a slightly unusual, yet highly successful dressage legal snaffle. The WH ultra is similar in design to the original Sprenger KK ultra, but the center lozenge contains a small wheel also known as a roller that gives the horses a...
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Sprenger Correction Snaffle

Sprenger KK Correction Snaffle 40502...88

This correctional bit helps to improve the submissiveness and is also good for horses with a sore or damaged palate.- The Sprenger KK Correction bit has been designed for horses with a tendency to pull, horses which jerk the reins out of the riders hand...
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