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Happy Mouth Straight bar eggbutt snaffle

Happy Mouth Straight Eggbutt BIHM235

- Traditional eggbutt cheekpeices for those horses who need a more steady, consistant feel from the rider (or for children with unsteady hands). - Features a straight bar Happy Mouth, with a steel core for safety but with slight bend and "give". - A...
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Happy Mouth straight bar eggbutt for pony

Happy Mouth Small ring Eggbutt BIHM217

- Small rings measuring 50mm (inside diameter) and a 15mm mouthpiece thickness makes this a nice little pony bit.- Mouthpiece is reinforced with a steel core for strength and safety, but still has some gentle give and flex.- NB: We have been recently...
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Happy Mouth Combination Bit

From Happy Mouth Bits®, the Mullen Mouth Hackamore Bit combines an apple-scented, flexible plastic mouthpiece with a hackamore style nose. The Happy Mouth mouthpiece encourages acceptance of the bit and softness. The core of this bit is stainless...
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Happy Mouth Mullen Bevel

The unique Apple scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse. Bevels are perfect when you need a little more control than a standard snaffle. Features pony-sized rings for size 4.5"
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