Happy Mouth Straight Dutch Gag 4 Ring BIHM450

Happy Mouth

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- Ideally, recommended to be ridden with 2 reins, one to act as snaffle and one below as the gag, to prevent overbending, but can be ridden with 1 rein.  Can also be ridden with rounders or equalizers, though this will add some length to your reins which may not be helpful.
- Gag rein helps tremendously with brakes and outline and often used on horses that are strong in front of a fence and to help lower the head.
- Happy Mouth mouthpiece is softer than traditional stainless, with some bend and give but still featuring a steel core centre for safety and security.

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4 ring happy mouth Dutch gag
Written by Karli on Nov 30, 2020

Super great quality and horse loves it and works so much better