Happy Mouth Combination Bit

Happy Mouth

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From Happy Mouth Bits®, the Mullen Mouth Hackamore Bit combines an apple-scented, flexible plastic mouthpiece with a hackamore style nose. The Happy Mouth mouthpiece encourages acceptance of the bit and softness. The core of this bit is stainless steel.

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Happy mouth combination bit
Written by Tehya bele on Nov 18, 2019

I contemplated getting one for a really long time, mostly because of cost and the chance my horse wouldn’t like it. I got it in the mail a week or so ago, and have started working my horse in it. He absolutely adores it and is going better and happier than he’s ever gone before. So happy with this bit!

Much happier horse
Written by Lisa on Jun 28, 2019

I started using this bit with a sensitive horse who really didn’t like a lot of pressure on his mouth, and the combination of the hackamore and the bit has made all the difference. It took a while to get the nose piece adjusted right, but other than than, I cannot say anything bad about this bit. Really good value for price, too!