Full Cheek Snaffles

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Full Cheek snaffles can assist to reinforce the turning aids and can be useful with educating young horses or in speed events.

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Copper link full cheek snaffle bit

Stubben Full Cheek Snaffle with sweet copper link

Stubben Full Cheek with Copper link- Fixed full cheeks to give very clear, direct rein aids and help prevent the bit sliding in the mouth.- Very good for young horses or lunging/ long lining.- The central lozenge lies flat on the tongue, not angled, more...
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EZ Control Full Cheek snaffle bit

Stubben EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle

Stubben EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle Bit - The new EZ Control bit features Rigid Effect, which provides flexibility on the sides of the bit. - It allows for minimum pressure on the reins for a gentle, sensitive touch and easier communication. - The EZ...
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TRUST Flexi-Soft Full Cheek Snaffle

Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia! Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber mouthpiece which can be used for all horses but are especially suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths. The material is...
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Trust Leather Full Cheek

About the BitThe Trust leather Full cheek can be a great option for a horse that is highly sensitive in the mouth or is easily offended by the contact. The Leather mouthpiece is flexible and has a unique taste which encourages bit acceptance and...
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