Eldonian Port Mouth Pelham BI701


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The very common and most basic Pelham style.
-The Pelham is a compromise between a snaffle and a weymouth- purists will therefore argue they should only be used with two reins, however due to the fixed shanks one can never truely differentiate between the two reins.

- Often used with great success with roundings or split reins, particularly with children and strong ponies as too much knitting can be hazardous!
-Can assist with strong horses and ponies with brakes and lowering of the head

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Really effective bit
Written by Ali on Mar 07, 2014

I have purchased this bit for my ex-racehorse who is a little too heavy on the hands and can get too excited when with other horses, especially when out, for a snaffle. It has been absolutely great so far. He is much more responsive to my aids. I am 1/10 of the strength in my hands as I used to be which is really nice for both horse and rider. I feel that because of his respect for this bit, I am actually being kinder to his mouth than with a snaffle. Also it definitely makes me more aware of how little I have to ask for something and how quickly he responds.

top bit
Written by undefined on Oct 31, 2013

Always an excellent bit to use, encourages horses to round up and relax, I have always used this bit on most of my horses the port is excellent for those who dont go well in a snaffle as it hugs the lower jaw and doesn't move up to hit the moulers,

Best Bit I Have Used
Written by Bek on Nov 09, 2011

I recently started retraining my OTT Mare. Originally I had her in a French Link Snaffle, however she found it more of an annoyance to be ignored than an aid to listen to. I used the Pelham with double reins, as I find the mare reacts differently when I am using the reins at different pressures, and nothing stops her from bolting faster or rearing than a one rein stop with the bottom reins. She is much better now, and has respect for the bit, and I firmly believe it is thanks to the Pelham. :)