Eldonian FM Fulmer Snaffle BI542


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- Full cheek stainless steel snaffle with loose rings, as designed by Franz Maringer, hence the term "FM" bit.
- The bit of choice for those following the teachings of Phillippe Karl, as well as being popular for starting young horses.
- It has the play of a loose ring, with the additional directional assistance of the full cheeks.
- The single join can help promote a truer contact with horses that dislike pressure on the tongue and hence the lozenge or double jointed style bits.
- A very well crafted bit with upper cheeks slightly curved out
- This bit is permitted for dressage competition.

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Fantastic Bit and incredible service!!
Written by Poppy on May 18, 2020

This bit is fantastic, it was recommended by a friend for a young horse and I went straight to Bit Bank to see if they had it. Not only was it a lot cheaper than I expected, it also arrived very quickly, despite how slow the Aus Post has been. Highly recommend this bit and Bit Bank, the number 1 business in Australia for bits.