Eldonian English Hackamore


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The English Hackamore can be useful for horses with mouth problems, or those that just dislike any type of bit.

- The English version of the hackamore has a fairly short shank, with faux fur padded leather nose and either a leather strap with chain behind in brown, or all leather strap in black.
- One pair of reins are used on the bottom of the shank, which gives nose pressure and pressure in the curb groove, and the leverage of the shank can mean that this pressure can be quite strong.  The hackamore asks for "head lowering" through this leverage force so it can be useful for strong horses that tend to travel with their head up in the air.
- It is very important to fit hackamores in the correct position to avoid nerve damage or restriction to the horses breathing. The hackamore replaces the noseband and is fitted slightly lower than a cavesson, but making sure the noseband is sitting on a solid part of the horses nose, not onto the soft cartilage below.

Available in brown leather only, with sheepskin nose pad, and made in England from quality stainless steel.

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beautifully designed hackamore hardware
Written by imogen tutton on Feb 17, 2015

This hackamore has softly moulded steel shanks, beautiful leather & generous fluffy nosepiece. The fluffy panel looks easily replaceable when it inevitably wears out.