Eggbutt Snaffles

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Eggbutt snaffles offer the rider some stability to the mouthpiece,which may assist either for a horse that is not confident in taking the contact, or for a rider with unsteady hands. Those bits that are permitted for use in EA/FEI competition are marked as such in the listing details.

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Happy Mouth straight bar eggbutt for pony

Happy Mouth Small ring Eggbutt BIHM217

- Small rings measuring 50mm (inside diameter) and a 15mm mouthpiece thickness makes this a nice little pony bit.- Mouthpiece is reinforced with a steel core for strength and safety, but still has some gentle give and flex.- NB: We have been recently...
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Sprenger Dynamic Eggbutt Snaffle 40414

Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Bridoon

  The Popular Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt now available in a Bridoon ring! Also in smaller pony size! Stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily.- The uniquely curved mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth resulting in soft and even...
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Bombers Pony Eggbutt Happy Tongue

Bombers Happy Tongue Pony Eggbutt is made for small mouths - a non intrusive port offers comfortable tongue relief for sensitive  small mouths. All wrapped up with a neat little 50mm eggbutt ring and in mouthpieces from 10cm to 11.5cm mouthpiece...
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