Effol Mouth Butter Apple 30ml


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Effol Mouth Butter is a tasty all natural moisturising and lubricating butter for your horses mouth, simply apply to the bit and lips each ride.

Apple Flavour 30ml Tube 

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A must have for every kit
Written by Sharni on Oct 06, 2020

Having never tried this product before, but every other product on the market, I was a tad sceptical at first. I had read the reviews and like most products, people swore by it. No matter what I put on my horses mouth, whether it was vitamin e oil or nipple balm (yes I’ve tried everything!!), nothing seemed to prevent or heal the blisters. Although this product doesn’t heal blisters, it seriously prevents them! It is the best lubricant (not something I’ve yet tried

Bit butter
Written by Kerrie on Dec 20, 2019

Horses love it

effol mouth butter
Written by faye felmingham on Aug 19, 2019

my horse loves it