Double Bridle Sets

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Here you find some common combinations of weymouth and bridoon bits that we regularly recommend with great success.

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Slimma Double Bits Set

$489.95 $459.95 Sale
A popular choice for your horse's first double bridle, or an elegant, lightweight set for a hack.- Combining the NS Slimma Weymouth with a gentle port and 14mm mouthpiece thickness with the NS Tranz Angled Bridoon, also a 14mm Mouthpiece.- This...
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Verbindend "Helper" Double Bit Set

$489.95 $459.95 Sale
A little extra help for the rider with a horse that is very prone to be on the forehand and heavy in front.- Combining the lightweight, fine mouth Slimma Weymouth 7cm shanks, with the popular Verbindend Bridoon in a 12mm mouthpiece.-  This...
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Start Softly Double Bit Set

$489.95 $459.95 Sale
- This is an ideal set for moving horses from a snaffle into a double bridle.  The mouthpiece of the Starter Weymouth forms a wide, low bridge over the tongue which takes pressure away from the sensitive outer edges of the tongue and distributes it...
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