Neue Schule Tranz Angled Universal 8024U

Neue Schule
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Sold Out. Please call (08) 8388 8472 to order.

Control without severity- a Handy Piece of Kit!!

- Brilliant for faster work such as jumping, as it allows you to turn more easily and generally eliminates the head toss when asking for the downward transition, eg. when shortening before a fence.
- If you are looking to upgrade from a snaffle, this is highly recommended as it has a mild mouthpiece while subtly employing other pressure points.
- The addition of a Curb strap on the cheek peice rings asks for head lowering.
- Very popular!
- This bit is very effective for those riders needing a little help while training their horse to respect their aids before a fence.  A lot of clients using this bit have then gone back to their normal snaffle after irmpoving their horse's education in the Universal.

- 8024U has 18mm Tranz Angled Lozenge Mouthpiece and is only available in 5.5"

The brilliant all rounder, control without severity, a handy piece of kit. The NS Universal offers control without discomfort or severity.