Consistent Contact Double Bit Set **New!**

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Contact and collection without resistance! Very popular all purpose, gentle, ergonomically designed double set, promotes a softer more consistent contact.  The Aachen Weymouth is designed to encourage the horse to lower at the poll, lengthening the neck and seeking a soft sustainable contact.  Recommended for the short tense neck. 

- The NS Aachen is an innovative, erogonomically designed, very kind Weymouth, whose mouthpiece is set 45degrees forwards to the cheek shanks.
- The gently sloping mouthpiece forms a wide, low tongue bridge designed for maximum comfort across the tongue and does not cause pressure over its senstive outer edges.
- The tongue bridge also provides gentle, even weight distribution over the bars.
- The mouthpiece is an even 16mm diameter, circular at the bars and cleverl changing shape forming an oval profile over the tongue, thereby occupying minimum volume between the tongue and upper palate.
- It is particularly beneficial for th ehorse that is inclined to work above the bit and come back at you (peacock outline) or those that are tense and shorten in the neck.
- The NS Aachen is designed to encourage the horse to lower the poll and lengthen the neck into a soft, sustainable contact.
- Available with elegant 7cm shanks, a 16mm mouthpiece, and a range of sizes from 5-6".

- When a contact is taken, the angled Tranz lozenge rolls down onto the center of the tongue (the sweet spot) enhancing feel and responsiveness, leading to a higher level of communication through the rein aid.
- The arms are curved and in a flatter, oval shape therefore taking up less room in the mouth but with the same weight bearing surface for the horse's perspective.
- This is a great all purpose, general bridoon that can also be used as a snaffle as it is not overly fine.  The Tranz Angled Bridoon is a nice bit for use when introducing the double bridle, particularly for horses training in a similar style snaffle currently.
14mm mouthpiece with 55mm bridoon rings

- Both bits are dressage legal, includes the curb chain, Diamond Paste bit cleaner and a lip strap in this set. 

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need).  Please note, should you be ordering a 5" set, you will receive both bits as a 5" as this is the smallest available size currently in these styles.