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Bridle2Fit HP2 Standard Bridle

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From just $299! Does your horse take a standard sized bridle?

Our popular anatomical HP2 headpiece ready to order in standard sizes and colours, price dependant on browband and noseband selections.

Crown piece HP-2 is a model with a spacious cut out for the ears. The very wide top piece with soft padding ensures a pleasant distribution of pressure for horses with a long and wide neck.

Bridle2fit is a unique concept where you can compose a bridle according to taste and size. The horse’s comfort is key. The designs are based on the anatomy of the horse, by which the fit and padding are optimized.
For every horse a perfectly fitted bridle that furthers well being and comfort. This is Bridle2fit’s goal!

You Bridle will come complete, ready to go with reins.

*Pictures of complete bridles are simply some examples that have been created, designs may vary*