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Bridle2Fit Custom Weymouth Bridle

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Loved by riders everywhere!

From $369 A completely custom anatomical double bridle solution for your hard to fit horse. Exceptional quality and timeless style. So many colours including Black, Havana and Australian Nut in both regular and patent leather with contrasting paddings available. Quality, buttery soft leather straight off the shelf, this well padded bridle will be a great asset to your tack room. With a focus on horse comfort and welfare we can get the PERFECT fit, no matter the shape or size!


Crown pieces explained:

HP-1 has a wider shaped top piece, which ensures a pleasant distribution of pressure on the neck.

HP-2 is a model with a spacious cut out for the ears. The very wide top piece with soft padding ensures a pleasant distribution of pressure for horses with a long and wide neck.

HP-3 is a crown piece with a spacious cut out for the ears, which furthers the freedom of movement. This model has a narrower top piece than the HP-2.

HP-4 is a model well suited to a horse with wide jaws and wide neck. By means of the three pillows, the pressure on the neck is pleasantly distributed and as such well fitted to the wide jaws.

Nose Bands:

A traditional soft padded drop noseband

S1 Cavesson/Flash is a wider padded soft noseband with generous cut out at the jaw line as to ensure no interference with the bit occurs

S2 Cavesson/Flash is a traditional soft padded noseband which tapers to the crank strap to allow room for the bit and suit finer faces.

S5 Cavesson is an anatomically designed J shaped noseband to avoid pressure below the lower cheek bone.  

Comes complete with two sets of reins of your choosing.