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Stubben Eggbutt with Sweet Copper Link

A very popular great value eggbutt from Stubben! Benefits of SWEET Copper Link: • Better acceptance • Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece • Encourages chewing and salivation...
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EZ Control Full Cheek snaffle bit

Stubben EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle

Stubben EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle Bit - The new EZ Control bit features Rigid Effect, which provides flexibility on the sides of the bit. - It allows for minimum pressure on the reins for a...
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Stubben Loose Ring snaffle

Stubben Loose Ring with Copper Mouthpiece

Stubben Loose Ring Oval Mouth Copper Snaffle Bit - This 16mm loose ring bit has a sweet copper mouthpiece along with an oval mouth link made to allow for better acceptance of the bit.- Designed to...
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