Beris PRIME Extra Soft Loose Ring Snaffle

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BRAND NEW from Beris - Introducing PRIME!

Super soft flexible anatomically shaped mouthpiece with integrated lip protection are the ultimate in soft kind bits for the discerning rider. Pressure is distributed evenly over the tongue and bars, the integrated bit guards provide lateral support and heightened turning aids. 

The mouthpiece is made from a food safe plastic compound with surface refinement unequalled by other plastic bits. This material increases chewing and activity as well as more salivation - therefore the eraser like effect will not occur with Beris Prime. Even if the horse doesnt salivate that much the bit slides easily due to this refined surface. 

There is a safety cable inside the bit made from steel wire - so there is no chance of breakages.

Available in 13cm and 14cm (5" and 5.5")


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Can't believe the difference
Written by Kelly on Mar 21, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing this bit to my attention, my very sensitive warmblood was very reluctant to go forward and take a contact with a Nathe bit.. but two rides in with the Beris Prime and he is very forward and stretching down into the contact. He is much more relaxed and a happier horse.