Beris Ported Pelham

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Classic bit with more elegant and refined
design. Pressure on lower jaw and poll,
depending on length of the curb (5 or 7
cm). The angle of the bit can be adjusted.
Possible use for horses that have difficulties
to come through, for „sultry“ horses,
for horses that need sharp corrections in
critical situations (like time events).

The Tongue Port Snaffle gives the horses‘
tongue enough room because of the flattened
area on the port. Many horses react
to this with more relaxation and chewing.
Therefore this bit is perfect for horses that
won’t tolerate pressure on the tongue and
for those who tend to stick their tongue above
the bit.

Available in Long (7cm) or Short (5cm) Shank

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Quality Bit
Written by Sarah on Jul 06, 2017

My horse seems to be really comfortable with the soft ported mouth piece and it appears to be really good quality. Also comes with a chin strap attached to hold the bit in the correctly in the mouth.