Beris Mullen Pelham

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Classic bit with more elegant and refined
design. Pressure on lower jaw and poll,
depending on length of the curb (5 or 7
cm). The angle of the bit can be adjusted.
Possible use for horses that have difficulties
to come through, for „sultry“ horses,
for horses that need sharp corrections in
critical situations (like time events).

This anatomical correct bit rests equally on
tongue and bars and offers more room and
mobility for the tongue. With this bit the pulled
rein will apply pressure evenly on tongue
and bars. A lateral squeezing of tongue and
bars will not happen. Also a pinching of the
lips will be impossible by using bit guards.
The Comfort Bar lies thanks to it`s shape
very still in the horses‘ mouth. Mullen
Mouth bits are considered to be fairly mild.
This bit made of our beris plastic compound
will enable the rider to communicate with his
horse in a more gentle and delicate way. The
surface of our bits is very smooth and they
slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse
doesn´t salivate that much. The soft Comfort
Bit is ideal for young and sensitive horses.

Available in Long (7cm) or Short (5cm) Shank