Beris Bits Info

Beris Bits are here! A broad selection of synthetic mouthpieces combined with quality and functionality, for the ambitious pleasure rider and professional alike.

Beris came to life as a result of year long bit manufacturing, the experience and artisan knowledge, as well as the passion for riding:

The protection of the horse's sensitive mouth is most important to us. From bit ring to curb, all metal parts are formed by hand, welded and polished to perfection. The newly development form of the mouth piece provides a better acceptance of the bit and alleviates the communication between horse and rider. True craftsmanship, Made in Germany.

Carefully selected materials

To guarantee the safety of the bits for horse and rider, they go through vigorous tenacity testings. Beris Bits are made of a food safe plastic compound. The surface of our bits is very smooth and they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse doesn´t salivate that much. The “eraser like effect” known of rubber bits will not occur with our mouthpieces! Horses accept them very well and will often be encouraged to chew and salivate more. This may help the rider to communicate with his horse in a more gentle and delicate way.

To satisfy the different requirements on a bit of horse and rider our bits are available with proven and innovative mouthpieces in various degrees of hardness. The mouthpieces are additionally combinable with a wide variety of cheeks.

As used by top riders including Michael Whitaker, Samantha Mcintosh, Scott Brash, Pius Schwizer, Rolf Göran Bengtsson and Edwina Tops-Alexander.