An Introduction to the Myler Bitting System Brochure

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This FREE brochure is a brief overview of the Myler Bitting System.
- The "Getting Started" section covers Tongue Pressure, Signs of Resistance, Determining your Horse's Myler Level and How to Measure.
- The "Moving On" section gives an easy to follwo chart of mouthpieces and cheekpieces available within the system, clearly outlining the levels.
- There is also a section on "Transitioning to a New Bit" and detailed information on the Myler Combination Bits.
- 17 full colour pages, A5 size.  This will be posted to you.  (Sorry, not available for clients in NZ, Australian addresses only.)

For more in depth information on bitting and the Myler system, please order the Book and DVD set, The Level Best For Your Horse here.

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just what i needed
Written by Rebecca Taylor on Nov 04, 2016

Great information on but pressure and the charts to help you pick a bit shows you th e levels of the bits and whats legal and information about each level. Great little book to have

Really informative
Written by Bec on Feb 25, 2016

very helpful document with alot of helpful information

wealth of knowledge
Written by Andrea on Jun 16, 2015

Hi recently purchased this and it was very knowledgeable on the different bits and how to determine which is better suited to your horse. 5 star

Myler Bit Booklet
Written by Rebecca Storey on Jan 30, 2015

Very informative booklet on the Myler bits, I feel a lot more confident in making a choice

Myler Bit review
Written by Pauline Lower on Jan 25, 2013

I found this booklet very informative, together with what friends/collegues, I am trying a couple of different Myler bits. The booklet covers all bits and what they do, together with why they are used, which I found useful