Acavallo Gel Bit Guards


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As used by Charlotte Dujardin! The Acavallo gel bit guard is an asset to any bridle. A quick and effective way to protect the mouth from pinching and gain more bit control. Contoured gel protectors mould comfortably around the mouthpiece inside of the bit rings to minimize friction and rubbing. These unique guards keep the bit perfectly straight in the mouth allowing for better turning and responsiveness. A real aid for training, young or difficult horses.

Available in black or brown!

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Bit Guards
Written by Donna on Jul 29, 2020

The Acavallo Gel Bit guards are great, very comfortable and easy enough to stretch over the bit to put them in place.

Great bit guard
Written by Anna on Jun 06, 2020

I love these. I prefer these guards to the bombers ones as they sit flush onto the hit so no room for pinching. Easy to put on

These are great!
Written by Melanie on Sep 17, 2019

Great quality and fast & easy service from Bitbank.