Our 5 Points of Difference
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Our 5 Points of Difference

How can Bit Bank Australia help you?

1. Specialist in Horse Bits
We are not just another "one size fits all, all things to all people" online saddlery store.  Bit Bank Australia sells only horse bits, books on horse bits, and bitting accessories.  We live and breathe horse bits, we research and study them.  We lecture, present, blog and write about horse bits.  Need a new pair of boots?  You've come to the wrong place.  Need a new bit for your horse, or some advice on a new bit- here we are, ready to help! 

2. Outstanding technical understanding, product knowledge and personalised service.
If you call Anita about a specific type of bit and ask, "How does it work?", or even "Why does it work?" you will get an answer you can understand.  We understand the theory, the mechanics and the science behind how and why horse bits work so you don't have to!  There are literally 1,000's of bits available on the market today, and our superior product knowledge helps take away any confusion you may feel when considering your options.

3.  Leading Online Retailer
Bit Bank Australia is a relatively new online business, having been trading for just over 3 years now.  In that time, we have developed and grown, studied and learnt how to improve as a business and better your experience with us as a customer.  We have been finalists in business awards recognising innovation, customer service and good business practice, and Anita regularly attends training to make BBA the very best business it can be.

Our clients (that's you, and your horse!) are our number one priority, with every consultation taken with both the safety of the rider and the comfort of the horse top of mind.

We may be an online retailer, but we carry a huge amount of shelf stock- more than most bricks and mortar stores will- meaning in 90% of sales we ship your order to you within 48 hours.  Speed of delivery and clarity of our communication are top business values.

4. Comprehensive range of products and sizes.
Tired of seeing the same brands in limited size range on the shelf?  At Bit Bank Australia we carry a comprehensive range of brands, including the top 3- Sprenger, Myler and Neue Schule- as well as speciality brands.  We are always increasing our range, and always carry the full range of sizes available in a particular style.  We can provide a bit for you should you need a 4" bit to a 6.5", and everything in between.

At this stage we cater largely to riders competing and training in the olympic disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing, as well as Pony Club and Pleasure riders.  Our new Driving Bit range has just been added.  There are plans to add a Western Range in the near future.

5. Our unique 30 Day Trial Option.
Still not convinced if the bit you are looking at is going to help solve your problem or suit your horse?  Bit Bank Australia offers our unique 30 Day Trial Option on most of our range.  After a one on one consult with Bitting Expert Anita Marchesani, you can choose to buy the bit on a trial to be sure if it is the right one for you.

No more buckets of unused bits gathering dust in the corner of your tack room!  For more info on the 30 Day Trial Option, click here.

Precision, Refinement, Partnership-
If you are looking to further deepen your connection, keep your horse happy and healthy and perform at your very best together then Bit Bank Australia can help!  Shop online today, or call us on 0403 860 749 for personalised advice and assistance.



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